• Quantitative and qualitative analysis of Sleep, EEG, local sleep (256 electrodes); EEG power spectrum
  • Subjective and objective evaluations of sleepiness and vigilance
  • Specific evaluation of sleepdisorders
  • Mood, cognitive and neuropsychiatric evaluations
  • Measures of various parameters with circadian rhythmicity: melatonin (phase, amplitude, suppression by light) in blood, saliva and urine; other endocrine rhythms (cortisol, TSH..); core body temperature, variables of the autonomous nervous system through EKG, blood pressure monitoring and specific data analyses
  • Biological evaluation of wake promoting systems: CSF hypocretin and histamin assessments
  • Studies of the endogenous clock through genetic tools on cell culture Genetics: Genotyping (PER3 genotype, HLA typing …)
  • Banking: Genomic DNA (GWS – LSS), serum, saliva, CSF
  • Ongoing project for sleep data collection and analyses: (high density EEG, possibility to fusion with MRI and fMRI)
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